About us

We're the Oxford University Lego Society, here for all your bricky needs as a student in Oxford.

We're a University-of-Oxford-affiliated society, but we welcome all students in Oxford, whether at Brookes or another institution; alumni, staff, and family of the above are welcome to come along too.

Membership costs £10 for the academic year (reduced to £8 if you buy it at the start of Michaelmas). After our start-up grant from the university, we're now entirely self-funding. Membership makes almost all events free, apart from some socials. If you're not a member, you're still welcome to join us; you can attend an unlimited number of events as a non-member, on payment of a small entry fee.

We're a really friendly group, ranging from serious Lego enthusiasts to casual builders, so you're sure to be welcome; if you find the snap of one brick into another just as satisfying as we do, you'll be right at home.