Grippy things

The Lego piece below is something of a meme in LegoSoc.

The designer of this website refers to it as a "grippy thing", but there has been debate over whether or not it should properly be called a "clippy thing". Lego itself calls it "60475 Brick 1x1 w/holder, horizontal", but that's no fun.

Its origins as a meme are lost in the mists of time, but may have involved someone frantically rummaging through a pile of Lego while saying despairingly, "I CAN'T FIND THE GRIPPY THING". It's since become a meme, to the extent that our Facebook group (open to all attendees) has a quote from an unrelated TV show with the phrase "grippy thing" in the subtitles.

This page is here partly to commemorate the grippy thing, and partly to explain to newcomers what on earth it is.